Test Weight Trolley

Various designs have been manufactured over the years to suit varied customer requirements. The most common trolley design is the variable weight design below.

The trolley typically weighs approximately 100Kg and has 15 hand weights, each weighing 10Kg.

  • Robust, durable construction.
  • 2 x Rear wheels (Swivel + Brake) rated at 250Kg each.
  • 2 x Front wheels (Unidirectional) rated at 250Kg each.
  • Can be lifted with a sling around the handles.
  • Weights have a locking bar which can be padlocked.
  • Painted or powder coated to corporate colour requirement.
Metal/steel Fabrication

Variable and Fixed Weight Trolleys

Metal/steel Fabrication

10Kg Hand Weights

Metal/steel Fabrication

Custom Weight Trolley

Metal/steel Fabrication

Fixed weight and other custom specified trolleys available and we are always ready to design to your specific requirements.

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