The P-BART trolley

Specifically designed to move elevator rails, beams and large pipes around a site without any undue forces being placed on the worker’s back and thereby eliminating typical back injuries associated with this kind of heavy lifting.

Comment from site ..
“No more back-related injuries from lifting rails onto a troller!”.


Operating Guidelines:

  • Drive the trolley over the centre of gravity of the rail, pipe or beam being lifted. Drop the nose down and hook the front chain around the item to be lifted.
  • With the nose still down, hook the back chain around the rail/beam/pipe.
  • While pushing down on the handle (extended for heavier loads) pull the chain through the handle and drop chain into locking groove at the desired length.
  • The rail/beam/pipe should be hanging at a sufficient height to allow it to rotate around and above other items on the ground and to be moved very precisely to where it is needed on site (in the case of lift rails, to the elevator shaft)

(The nose can be rotated 180° allowing you to separate rails, beam etc, keeping fingers away from DANGER.)

In the case of elevator Rails (Using optional Dolly):

  • Drive rail to false car (car), extending rail so that it projects approximately 1m into shaft. Position the Dolly under the rear of the rail to be lifted. Ensure the locking pin is through the fishplate hole.
  • Push down on handle lowering rear of rail onto Dolly.
  • When rail makes contact with Dolly, pull chain out of locking groove and slowly lower leading edge of rail onto false car (or lift car), as you ease pressure off handle.
  • Once rail is landed, release front chains first, then rear chains and reverse over rear of rail.
  • As the rail is lifted into the shaft the rear will go wherever you want with ease. Release Dolly when rail is fully suspended. 

General Notes:

  • SWL = 175Kg
  • Dolly (optional extra)
  • Weight of Trolley (excl Dolly) = 19Kg
  • Max load width is 230mm (in the case of pipe – Ø230)
    Max load height is 400mm (in the case of pipe – Ø230)

** Dismantles easily to allow it to be easily transported.

Safety Notes:

  • Always check that the trolley is safe and suitable for the service required
  • Check all chains before operation
  • Carry out a detailed 3 monthly inspection
Metal/steel Fabrication

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