EDS engineering and fabricating capabilities, coupled to experience in the elevator industry enables us to fully understand the complexities and demands of this industry. We have a track record of developing products and solutions for customers throughout Australia.

We have enabled projects to say on track by delivering accurate, high quality components and solutions that are delivered on time and within budget.

Metal/steel Fabrication
Metal/steel Fabrication

Specific Products and Services:

Lift and Car Entrances

     • Lift Doors for landings and cars (Stainless Steel)

     • Lift Entrance Architraves

     • Lift Sills (including laser etched graphics)

     • Door Reskinning

     • Brackets for Headers, doors, door operators, rope brakes, door hangers etc.


    • Test Weight Trolleys

    • Protection Gates (Steel)

    • Temporary Lift entrance Hoardings (Aluminium) (with or without graphics)

    • Fasteners including Dynabolts

    • Limit switches

Detailed labelling and packing per lift as specified

Project Management

Car and Landing Operator Panels (COPs and LOPs)

Machine Room Hardware

    • Machine beams

    • Machine Bed Assemblies

Shaft and Pit Hardware

    • Support and Hoisting Beams

    • Trimmer beams and support brackets

    • Hoisting lift hooks

    • Filler weights

    • Support angles for Hitch and Lifting beams

    • Shaft flushing, Ducting and Cable Covers

    • Omega bracket extensions

    • Car rail bracket extensions

    • Aluminium and steel chequer plate work for covers and Motor Rooms

    • Guards for governors, fan covers, door operators and service boxes

    • Grid mesh pit floors

    • Guide rails, fish plates, rail clips, spring clips

For over 20 years we have provided trusted engineering and metal fabrication solutions
for industries that demand service, accuracy and quality.

• Metal Fabrication (Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium)
• Sheet Metal work
• CNC Profile Cutting
• Guillotining
• Welding
• Folding
• Tube Bending
• Machining
• Drilling, Cropping, Punching
• Galvanising
• Powder Coating and Painting
• Engineer Certified Solutions

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