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Metal/steel Fabrication

Pipe, Beam and RaiI (P – Bart) Trolley

The P-BART trolley was specifically designed to move elevator rails, beams and large pipes around a site without any undue forces being placed on the worker’s back and thereby eliminating typical back injuries associated with this kind of heavy lifting.

Comment from site ..
“No more back-related injuries from lifting rails onto a troller!”.

Test Weight Trolleys

Various designs have been manufactured over the years to suit varied customer requirements. The most common trolley design is the variable weight design below.

The trolley typically weighs approximately 100Kg and has 15 hand weights, each weighing 10Kg.

  • Robust, durable construction.
  • 2 x Rear wheels (Swivel + Brake) rated at 250Kg each.
  • 2 x Front wheels (Unidirectional) rated at 250Kg each.
  • Can be lifted with a sling around the handles.
  • Weights have a locking bar which can be padlocked.
  • Painted or powder coated to corporate colour requirement.
Metal/steel Fabrication

Mobile Crane

Originally designed to assist escalator technicians to lift heavy controller cabinets out of the pit.

  • Light Alloy Construction.
  • Integrated wheels to allow easy movement around site.
  • Folds into compact design for easy transport.
  • SWL = 50Kg

Can be customised for various applications.

Metal/steel Fabrication

Cable Ducting

High Rise Lift shaft Ducting.

Duct body and lid tapered and slotted for quick, simple and efficient installation.